The Big Picture

Planning your own wedding becomes a second job for most couples. It’s always on your mind, there are constantly things to do and the clock is always ticking. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. There are books and blogs about how to pull it all together but the truth is that many people end up winging it. You might get some great advice from friends who’ve been through it or maybe you’re an all-star planner by nature and have lists and spreadhsheets galore, but sometimes it just helps to know there’s someone in your corner who you can ask for guidance and you know will have your back. Something I often hear from a bride or groom I’ve just met with is that they already feel a sense of relief, knowing help is on the way. The first step for me is getting to know you a little better. I want to hear how you met, where your family lives and who is in your wedding party. Knowing more about where you’re coming from helps me to really get a sense of your vision, style and personality. I’ve worked with couples who want to be very hands on until they walk down the aisle and those who truly wish to delegate as much as they can days or weeks before the wedding so they can feel more carefree on wedding weekend. Our initial consultation will give me a chance to ask these questions and know how to help you. I will then write up a proposal detailing exactly how I can assist you based on our conversation. When you decide I am exactly what you’re looking for (and you will!), we’ll get a contract signed and deposit to save the date.

I’ve got a very thorough form for you to fill out so we can start collaborating. There are many questions for your vendors and any friends or family members who are helping you as well timelines, reminders and questions to think about like, “Who is mailing the marriage license?” or “What will I do with all those flowers?” I’ll help you think of everything.

I will be available to you from the moment you hire me until your reception is over. You can call, email or text me anytime. We will plan when to meet in person to go over details and when to schedule a final walk-through. I will oversee your contracts with vendors and become the point of contact with them on wedding week. The more information I have, the more I will be able to really help your vision come to life.