Planning a formal rehearsal can be a bit like wrangling cats. It’s an exciting time, don’t get me wrong. But you’ve most likely got everyone from college roommates, friends from another state or country and family you haven’t seen in years all in the same room for the first time. You’re expected to meet and greet everyone, say some hellos and thank yous and rehearse a processional and ceremony all in under an hour. It can be very overwhelming.

I will attend the rehearsal and manage this time for you. I will make all the introductions and be sure everyone knows where they’re supposed to be on wedding day. I will have some bullet points to go over with everyone, answer any questions and practice the processional once or twice. You can relax and enjoy seeing your guests and getting into wedding mode.

This is also an important time for me to gather any boxes, supplies, decorations etc from you for the next day. We can make a big check list together and put any décor, programs, favors etc. in my car so you’re not worrying about it on wedding day.