About Me

About Me

A Few Words About Me

Hello, my name is Courtney Bollettino and I am the owner of Bollo Hollow Weddings.

Growing up in a small Texas town gave me lots of time to DREAM and PLAY. I was always inventive, resourceful and creative. I earned a BFA in Theatre from Baylor University and loved Texas but wanted to explore and keep moving. Chicago called!

Over the past 15+ years I have worked behind the scenes in Marketing, Real Estate, Catering, Fundraising & Event Planning as the right hand to CEOs and Managing Directors. I’ve been an Executive and Personal Assistant in Operational roles, assisting leaders of companies with schedules, logistics, travel, anything to make their lives easier.

In 2013 I was inspired to branch out from the corporate world and take my show on the road. I created Bollo Hollow Weddings and now provide a menu of services in Wedding Coordinating.

Helping couples enjoy their Big Day is what I am most passionate about. I just love all the logistics and details that go into the flawless execution of a wedding day. Yes, I am called a “Day Of” Coordinator, but realistically there is so much time and planning on my end that goes into making this one day perfect.

I have a cool head, a warm heart and don’t get frazzled under pressure. I have years of experience working in high-stress situations and bring to the table the fine art of diplomacy and confidence. I will anticipate your needs and jump in to make things happen. I’ve often found myself doing odd jobs like parking cars or pumping kegs at a wedding just to keep things moving! No job is too big or too small when it comes to my help.

Often couples never know all that goes into making their day perfect and that’s how it should be. I hustle every minute behind the scenes so that no one will ever know if something goes wrong. I am a doer, a fixer and a problem solver. I provide an invaluable service of being the orchestra leader on Wedding Day, making sure all the moving parts flow seemlessly from start to finish. I am the One you want on your team on your Biggest Day.

Let me help you truly enjoy all of your hard work. Time is a gift…. give yourself more of it by hiring me as your Day Of Wedding Coordinator.