What is a Day Of Wedding Coordinator?

Somewhere between hiring a full-service wedding planner and doing every little thing yourself lives this very happy medium called Day Of Coordinating. This concept can be a real life saver for couples who either don’t have the budget for the full-service wedding planner or simply want to do everything leading up to their big day but are wise enough to realize they should not leave all the last minute details and logistics up to a mom, sister or member of the wedding party. Those people are your guests too, don’t forget! You want them to be able to have as much fun and enjoyment on your wedding day as everyone else, not get stuck running errands or cleaning up at the end of the night (leave that up to me!).

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Bollo Hollow

The Story Behind The Name “Bollo Hollow”
The name “Bollo” is a term of endearment and nickname for my married name, Bollettino. A lot of friends call our family “The Bollos”, so that’s where that came from. And “Hollow” is the sanctuary, playground, quiet space, or hermitage for creative thoughts and happy hearts. It’s all of these and more. I warmly invite you to browse through, stay and check the place out. I’m glad you’re here!

About Me

A Few Words About Me

Hello, my name is Courtney Bollettino and I am the owner of Bollo Hollow Weddings.

Growing up in a small Texas town gave me lots of time to DREAM and PLAY. I was always inventive, resourceful and creative. I earned a BFA in Theatre from Baylor University and loved Texas but wanted to explore and keep moving. Chicago called!


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As featured on WCIU’s ‘You & Me This Morning’

I had the unique opportunity to be featured on Chicago’s own WCIU’s morning talk show, ‘You & Me This Morning’ in a segment called, “I Love My Job!” What fun to get to talk about Wedding Coordinating and all the things I love about it…. check it out here!


Hannah, Bride

Married on August 2015, Morgan Manufacturing, Chicago

“Courtney is an absolute dream to work with.  Professional, organized, thoughtful, and calm throughout the entire process. After watching her day-of coordination magic as a bridesmaid in two friend’s weddings, I knew I needed her assistance on my own big day.

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A La Carte

Give someone you love the gift of time! If you would like to purchase some Wedding Coordinating services at an hourly rate or buy a full package as a wedding gift, please contact me for more information. We can create a package that fits your needs and budget.


Rates start at $1,500

You will receive a free consultation to go over all your wedding details so that I can get an idea of your specific needs. Pricing will depend on the scope of your wedding day, how many different locations and how many hours I will be working for you. An average wedding day is 12- 15 hours. The Full Package includes helping you create a very detailed Day Of Timeline, any and all communication leading up to the wedding, attending and managing your rehearsal and being with you from start to finish on wedding day. Please refer to the “Services” section for more detailed information on the many services included in this package.



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